freelance seo consultant.

There are around 200 factors Google takes into account when ranking your site. Seems daunting doesn’t it? My job as a freelance SEO consultant is to  demystify some of the misunderstanding around SEO, identify where your site can be improve in terms of driving organic traffic to it and generally help you to make the most of the opportunities that a good SEO strategy brings.

seo services.

Keyword Research.

Knowing exactly what your potential customers and clients are searching for is the most important data for your business growth.

on-page seo.

Technical SEO is the part of SEO you can control and involves ensuring that all the technical aspects of your site are set up for maximum search engine visibility.

off-page seo.

If on-page SEO is what you say about your site to the search engines, off-page SEO is what and how other people and websites say about - and link to - your website